Hello and welcome to one of the more delicious editions of Best Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her! It’s your 6th wedding anniversary and we’ve got a list you can really sink your teeth into. The traditional gift this year is…


You heard right! CANDY. SWEETS. Good old fashioned, always there when you need it, won’t tell you it doesn’t love you anymore, teeth rotting CANDY! But that’s not all! The second traditional gift on the list this year is…


 Okay, I mean, it’s a bit of a let down after candy but we’ll roll with it.

Sweets for your sweet and iron because after 6 years together your relationship has grown strong and with this strength you need a good celebratory gift! So grab your iron sword and some candy for the road and let’s embark on this journey!

6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

A Really Cool Iron Knife

Iron takes us back to a simpler time, when weapons were forged by hand, men rode in on horses, wrote love letters to their sweethearts, fought dragons (probably) etc…So how cool is your husband going to feel with an awesome iron forged hunting knife? Get it personalized with your anniversary date or his initials, and extra cool points if you can get a really awesome design engraved onto the blade. We don’t condone violence at all, but a cool medieval looking weapon is still fun to have at least for show.

Iron Weights

So you’re husband’s a gym rat, it’s not a lifestyle we can all agree with (or keep up with…oof…) but you have to give him props for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and looking super cute to boot. Your adorable little gladiator needs a gym at home so he doesn’t have to waste the gas to get to the gym across town (and also so you can watch). Get him a set of iron weights! You’ll probably have to get them delivered by some stronger people (unless you’re a bodybuilder yourself, in which case, you go girl!), but he’ll appreciate the convenience of pumping iron at home, and it’s something you can appreciate too (wink).

Iron Bottle Opener

You could have just any old bottle opener…or, you could have AN IRON FORGED SCORPION BOTTLE OPENER FOR MANLY MEN…ahem, everyone needs a bottle opener, why shouldn’t it be one that can double as a weapon and an offering of romance? It may be the ultimate weapon for cracking a cold one with the boys but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a sweet sentiment too!

Iron Desk Lamp

This industrial style iron lamp will look so perfect in his home office, the living room, or anywhere else it can be properly displayed! This iron lamp will add a touch of hipster-industrial aesthetic to his set up. The perfect iron accent piece to your home decor!

Iron Manual Coffee Grinder

If he’s a fan of antique things, industrial decor, or coffee, this manual coffee grinder will be the perfect 6th anniversary present! Simply just insert coffee beans and put those muscles to work! He can create his own coffee blend from scratch or use it for decoration!

Iron Golf Club Set (7)

If he’s a golf aficionado, then a brand new pair of golf clubs are the perfect gift! Golf clubs can get worn and scratched over time, especially if its a weekly hobby of his. So, a shiny brand new set of clubs is the perfect 6th anniversary gift for him! And if golfing is something the two of you do together, then buy a matching set and maybe some new golf clothes too! 

6th Anniversary Gifts for Her

Amethyst Infused Water Bottle

Amethyst crystals are gorgeous purple stones that can be used for decor, for jewelry, or for spiritual healing. This glass water bottle comes infused with a purple amethyst crystal to promote spiritual clarity and healing. Amethyst promotes protection mentally and spiritually as well as purification. Drinking water from this water bottle can give you the mind set that you are cleansing your mind and body and make you feel more balanced. This water bottle is BPA free and made with stainless steel and glass that can withstand hot or cold drinks. This is perfect for a woman on the go and totally appropriate for a 6th anniversary as the gemstone of the 6th anniversary is in fact amethyst!

Make Homemade Candied Apples – Candy Apple Making Kit

Put on your matching aprons and have some fun in the kitchen making delicious candied, caramel, or chocolate dipped apples! This is your time to have fun and get creative! Buy all the dipping flavors you want, some sugary cereal, small candies, sprinkles and such and go nuts! Make one for each of you or make a bunch of different ones to share with friends and family! Make it a little candied apply party for two!

A Bouquet of Cake Pops – Cake Pop Making Kit

Whether from the bakery or made by you, she’ll absolutely swoon when you present her with a gorgeous and delicious looking bouquet of candy covered cake pops! A delicious and romantic treat no one can resist! If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll share them with you…

Iron Tea Kettle

If the lady in your life loves tea, then a rustic, antique looking tea kettle is a perfect addition to her tea arsenal! Accessorize this with some matching iron tea cups and her favorite tea flavors to really tie it together! With all this iron, you’re both going to feel like you’ve stepped back in time!

Amethyst Jewelry

One of the gemstones for the 6th anniversary is amethyst! So gift your partner with a raw amethyst gemstone necklace! This one we found on Amazon comes with an additional pendant for personalization! Inscribe her first initial for a personal added touch! Amethyst is known for its ability to promote critical thinking and help wearers to more properly analyze their problems or fears. It’s deep purple color also makes it a very romantic stone!

Iron Jewelry

Who says all jewelry has to be sparkly? If the two of you are vikings at heart, gift your partner with this insanely cool iron viking rune necklace! It’s so unique and different from what you normally see for accessories and this will make her feel like the ancient viking princess she’s always wanted to be!

6th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her

A Romantic Train Trip

6th anniversary gifts for him and her

Take a romantic trip on one of iron’s greatest achievements, the train! Look for local locomotives in your area and see if you can plan a trip to a vineyard, a historical town, or a round trip scenic view!

Go to a Carnival

6th anniversary gifts for him and her
6th anniversary gifts for him and her

Is there a carnival in town? A state fair? Put on your walking shoes and spend the day playing games, riding roller coasters and ferris wheels, and pigging out on cotton candy, candied apples and funnel cake! We hope you win the oversized teddy bear!

A Trip to the Renaissance Fair

6th anniversary gifts for him and her
6th anniversary gifts for him and her

See how iron is made and enjoy some sweets and a giant turkey leg at the Renaissance fair! Take a walk back in time and see jousting, sword fighting, and corset wearing maidens in flower crowns. It’s a fantastical journey that you won’t want to leave!

And there you have it! Your go to guide for the best 6th anniversary gifts for your husband or wife! Get them a gift off our list and add your own personal spin on it like a trip to a museum, a concert, or the restaurant you had your first date at! Whatever you decide to do will be romantic and sweet! Happy Anniversary!