It’s year 7 of your marriage, hooray! Anniversary time is upon us again! The 7th year of marriage is an interesting one because of the superstition of the 7 year itch. Most divorces that occur happen at the 7th year mark or a little bit before. Why that’s the case, who knows. But if you’ve made it this far into your journey together with no sign of stopping, then this is a big deal! And this year, the traditional wedding anniversary gift is…COPPER! 

With copper gifts comes kitchenware, jewelry, creative wall prints and much more! Secondary to copper, we also have WOOL! Think sweaters, blankets, pillows, socks, scarves and anything soft as a lamb. For colors this year, choose yellow and off white. And for gemstones, seek out black onyx and yellow sapphire.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best Copper and Wool anniversary gifts for him and her that they’ll love!

7th Anniversary Gifts for Him

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Copper Moscow Mule Mug Set

For the man that loves ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice, he needs the proper glass to enjoy a good old fashioned Moscow Mule. Moscow Mules are traditionally served in copper drinking mugs pretty much anywhere you order them and lets be honest, they just make them look so much more inviting. For your 7th anniversary, gift your guy this amazing Moscow Mule Mug Set from our 7th Anniversary Gift Collection!

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Copper Art – Personalized Sound Wave Print

Sound Wave art is making waves…literally. Written lyrics are one thing, but imagine having a picture of the sound of his favorite song, or your first dance song. If not a song, then send us a recording of a sweet message like, “I love you,” or “Happy Anniversary!” and have its sound wave printed on a stunning copper canvas! It makes for great modern/contemporary wall art and is a unique statement of love that your husband will be amazed by!

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Personalized Monogram Copper Stein

Give him the gift of personalization and drink! This sleek and classy copper stein mug adds a touch of sophistication to your drinkware. Why just drink your beer out of any old glass when you could have one made especially for you! Personalize this mug with your husband’s first initial followed my his first name for the perfect sentimental touch! He’ll love drinking Moscow Mules, beers and any mixed drink in this personalized mug!

Copper Cufflinks

He’s got his wood cufflinks from the fifth anniversary, now update his wardrobe with these unique copper cufflinks with a matching tie clip! Cufflinks add a touch of class and sophistication to his look and will make him stand out from the other suits at any party or black tie occasion. When people notice his unique cufflinks, he himself or you can let everyone know where he got them from and why for a very cute story during drinks or appetizers!

Custom Copper Money Clip

For the man that has everything, why not add a custom copper money clip to his arsenal? Some guys keep their cash and wallets separate or don’t carry wallets at all and would rather hold their cash in a money clip. If your husband is this kind of guy, gift him this rustic copper money clip with his name engraved on it!

Personalized Valet Tray

Give him a place to keep his things! If you didn’t gift him that wooden docking station for your fifth anniversary, then this personalized valet tray is a perfect alternative! He can keep his keys, wallet, spare change, sunglasses or anything else he needs to toss aside and come back for later. He for sure won’t be forgetting your anniversary date or his keys with this gift!

7th anniversary gifts

A Wool Scarf

If you live somewhere predominately cold, or winter time is coming, get him a warm and cozy wool scarf! If you can make it yourself, even better! He’s going to look so adorable all bundled up for the snow or chilly weather, and when he gets compliments on it, he can say his wife made it for him (even if its store bought, no one needs to know!)


7th Anniversary Gifts for Her

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Copper Initial Disc Necklace

Give her something she can treasure always and wear everyday! This stunning copper disc necklace from our friends at Sincerely Silver is personalized with your anniversary date and each of your initials. It’s a sweet sentiment that stays true to the copper tradition and is a simple and fashionable accessory to boot! She can wear this gorgeous copper disc necklace over her heart and never forget your anniversary date as it will be with her always. 

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Roman Numeral Copper Bracelet

Pair that copper disc initial necklace with this simple yet stunning roman numeral copper bracelet! It’s a contemporary, open ended bangle with your anniversary date engraved in classic roman numerals. This will pair nicely with the copper necklace or any copper jewelry she has, and be something she can wear everyday to remind her of your love and the biggest day of your lives!

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Copper Art – Personalized Copper Art Print

Take that traditional copper gift idea and turn it into personalized wall art! This particular style comes with your first dance song lyrics or wedding vows printed into the shape of a heart on top of your names and your anniversary date. The final touch is that it is printed onto a gorgeous copper canvas. If you didn’t do personalized vows, or need an idea for a romantic song to print on here, check out this article with first dance wedding songs for every couple.

Wool Bracelet

Who says jewelry has to be made out of metal? Get really creative this year and get her this adorable wool bracelet with the button accent. Perfect for the woman that loves eclectic jewelry or just isn’t into overly sparkly gems. Send her off in style and tradition with this unique accessory!

Wool Bed Throw Blanket

Keep her warm and comfortable with this plush and chunky wool throw pillow for your bed! Texture adds a great element to your home decor and this wool throw blanket will be a welcome addition. She’ll love having this soft woolen blanket to cuddle up with on the bed or even the couch on those cold nights spent drinking hot tea and watching Netflix. Cuddle up together and enjoy being close, cozy and warm with this gorgeous throw!

Black Onyx Necklace

Black Onyx is one of the two gemstones for the 7th year anniversary. Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone and helps prevent the drain of your personal energy and helps deflect negative energies of those around you. It can also help you keep your emotional stamina up during times of stress or sadness. Black onyx is a great gemstone for jewelry because it’s black and will match with pretty much anything! We love this contemporary and simple black onyx necklace and we think your wife will too!

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Yellow Sapphire Earrings

Yellow Sapphire is the second of the two anniversary gemstones for the 7th year. These canary yellow sapphire studs are definitely going to make a statement when worn by your wife. Since they’re simple solitaire studs, they can be worn as a casual earring for a touch of sparkle or with an evening gown or any other special affair. Yellow is a great color for gemstones because it influences positive energy and light into our chakras. Sapphire is known for its ability to instill self control and a sense of insightfulness. Sapphire will keep you calm and protect you from any impulsive decisions that will affect you negatively. For more on sapphire, read this article from our friends at Sincerely Silver!

7th Anniversary Gifts for Both!

Gifts for Him and Her!

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

7th Anniversary Copper Sheet Music Wall Art

Get the sheet music from the song you danced to at your wedding or the song you two both love printed in copper onto a canvas you can hang up above your bed or in your living room! If you need inspiration for a song to use, check out this article from our friends at Canvas Vows!

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

His & Hers Wool Beanies

Everyone loves a good beanie! Perfect for cold weather, a bad hair day, or as part of your everyday look! Get a his and hers set and go hiking out in the snow, or wear out on any adventure together!

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

His & Hers Wool Sweaters

Be snug as a bug in a rug together with matching (or not matching) wool sweaters! Perfect for cold weather or as a day to day fashion statement if you live somewhere that doesn’t get too hot. Pair with your his and hers beanies to complete the look!

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Custom Copper Wall Art

Another take on the copper sound wave art we discussed earlier, this canvas art comes with a sound wave of your first dance song or song you love, a custom message, or a section of your vows with the lyrics of the song or the spoken words written over it all printed in copper. Below the sound wave is your names an across the sound wave is your anniversary date. It’s a unique anniversary gift you can both enjoy anywhere in your home!

7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Personalized Word Art Canvas

Since 7 years is the milestone for forever, set it in stone (or rather in a canvas) with a stunning and romantic word art canvas from Canvas Vows! Choose your favorite wedding photo and your vows or song you danced to at your wedding and get them printed on a canvas you can display proudly in your home!

What did you do for your 7th anniversary? Did you celebrate with Wool or Copper or both? If you liked anything on our gift list, let us know in the comments!